The Project:

Foss Maritime’s ITB the Strong/Mariner transported two land-based self-moveable drill rigs measuring 11,022 cubic meters each, from Shanghai, China to a man made island 50 miles off the coast of Abu Dhabi. The shallow draft and RORO/LOLO capabilities of the vessel enabled direct delivery of the entire drill rig (per delivery) to the island. Foss provided project management including loading and discharging at the port with limited infrastructure. Foss’ ability to deliver directly to the island and to overcome the restrictive quay design eliminated the customer’s need to transship sensitive cargoes.

Services Provided:

  • International Project Cargo Transportation
  • Terminal Services
  • Cargo Tracking and Logistics
  • Project Management


  • The multi-deck, shallow draft ITB Strong/Mariner’s design, which includes two side ramps, bow ramp, and a 50-ton-capacity crane on its starboard side, makes it ideal for conducting cargo operations in underdeveloped ports
  • Each land-based self-moveable rig consisted of a drill structure/mast, a power unit, and a mud unit module
  • Route included traversing known pirate zones, and vessel security was hired to protect the sensitive cargoes
  • Provided full logistical management including a capacity simulation tool for UZ750 Logistics team and proper packaging of cargoes for ocean transport