The Project:

The Arctic Class Tug Denise Foss transported the drilling rig, Innovation, from Vancouver, WA, to Point Oliktok on the North Slope of Alaska. Traversing through challenging conditions, the vessel crews regularly consulted ice flight reconnaissance pilots and reviewed satellite weather data during the 2,300 nautical mile voyage. The crew successfully delivered the rig on time, and during the ice-free window for safe offloading conditions. Foss provided turnkey, port-to-port services, from loadout to offloading of the rig modules.

Services Provided:

  • Marine Transportation
  • Project Management
  • Project Cargo & Logistics
  • Ocean Towing
  • Naval Architecture


  • The sealift of the Innovation was segmented into five phases that included developing technical procedures and planning load out in Vancouver, towing to the North Slope, offload at Oliktok and demobilization and restoration of equipment.
  • Foss developed detailed technical plans for all stages, including: mooring, ballast and stow, stability assessments, and more.
  • The rig consists of a 500 kip telescoping mast, ‘box on box’ substructure, dual moving system, and 21 individual modules. In total, the structural weight is near 1.5 million pounds.