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Foss offers point-to-point towing services throughout the Gulf Coast region. Foss assets frequently transit to and from the region providing dead ship tows to shipyards, towing of modules and project cargos.

Foss serves the oil and gas industries, aerospace, shipyards and manages special projects within the region.

Regional Towing Services
The Foss fleet offers point-to-point towing worldwide with some of the most advanced and powerful tugs in the industry. The company boasts flat-deck, multi-purpose and specialized commodity barges, including a large fleet specifically for harbor and coastwise transportation. Foss routinely provides customers with a total logistics package that integrates stevedoring, heavy lift services and interposal linkages.
Project Services
Foss specializes in total project management for project cargos, especially those with exceptional technical and operational challenges. We develop complex transportation logistics, then safely implement and oversee every detail. Our specialty is efficiently and safely delivering project cargos to extreme environments and in remote locations with primitive infrastructures.

We offer project management and marine transportation for:

  • Dead Ship Tows
  • Platform Topsides & Jackets Berth Construction
  • Oilfield Development
  • Construction Cargo
  • Module Transportation
  • High Value, Highly Sensitive Defense-Related Cargo
  • Energy Production Cargo
  • Virtually Any Other Project Cargo