The Project:

Operating in the harsh Arctic environment, Foss Maritime offered a variety of support services to Shell Upstream Americas’ historical offshore exploration in Alaskan waters. Foss transported high-risk cargoes safely, and without incident, through a pristine, ecologically sensitive area. Foss provided rig towing through icy waters with two ice-classed tugs, a purposely-modified offshore warehouse barge, cargo barges, maintenance of vessels at the Foss Seattle shipyard, and general, terminal and harbor towing tugs and services in Alaska as well as the Puget Sound region.

Services Provided:

  • Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering
  • Project Cargo & Logistics
  • Ocean Towing
  • Terminal Services
  • Shipyard Services
  • Offshore Supply Services
  • Harbor Towing


  • Foss converted warehouse barge TUUQ from a deck barge to a combination deck cargo and chemical tank barge with a 300-ton crane
  • Ice-classed tug Lauren Foss towed the TUUQ and Shell Drillship Noble Discoverer during mobilization, while the Corbin Foss towed a barge containing the well containment system
  • The Barbara Foss served as the primary towing vessel for Shell’s KRS 330-11, which stored cement and various other cargoes near the operating theater for drilling operations. She was used later during the southbound demobilization of the Noble Discoverer to Dutch Harbor, AK.