The Foss Marine Engineering team is made up of seasoned professionals specializing in naval architecture, marine engineering, design and fabrication. With project management and global logistics specialists, Foss provides a broad support for analyzing challenges and finding solutions for large-scale transportation projects.

Through a combination of decades of traditional marine experience and our commitment to being on the forefront of new technology, Foss provides the highest-quality services available to meet our customer’s unique naval architecture and marine engineering needs.


  • Specialized Floating Structures Design and Analysis
  • Structural Calculations & Finite Element Analysis
  • USCG, ABS and other Classification Society Design Review and Submittals
  • Heavy Cargo Transportation Planning, Engineering and Design
    • Seafastening Calculations and Detail Design
    • Deck Strength Calculation
    • Loadout and Offload Ballasting and Longitudinal Strength
    • Mooring System Design
  • High Precision 3D LiDAR and Optical Scanning
    • Structure, Piping and Outfitting Arrangement Modeling
    • As-Built Comparison Modeling


  • Structural and mechanical design for new construction, modification and repair.
  • Vessel hull conceptual design and preliminary line models for a variety of service applications, including
    • Ocean transportation of general cargo
    • Ocean transportation of oil field platforms & modules
    • Ship escort & assist services
    • Anchor handling & rig supply
    • Petroleum transportation to & from marine terminals
    • Offshore moorings
  • Stability analyses—damaged and intact—for a wide variety of hull forms and conditions, including
    • Multi-hull vessels
    • Unusual shapes & joined vessels such as docking evolutions and heavy lifts (LO/LO).
  • Structural analyses of local and overall hull girder, including finite element analysis.
  • Weight and moment calculations, deadweight surveys and stability tests.
  • Docking calculations and providing analyses in support of dock certification and design.
  • Surveys, technical specifications, time/cost estimates, trade-off and risk analyses.