The Foss Technical Engineering team is made up of seasoned professionals specializing in naval architecture, marine engineering, design and fabrication. With project management and global logistics specialists, Foss provides a broad support for analyzing challenges and finding solutions for large-scale transportation projects.

Through a combination of decades of traditional marine experience and our commitment to being on the forefront of new technology, Foss provides the highest-quality services available to meet our customer’s unique naval architecture and marine engineering needs.


  • Specialized Floating Structures Design and Analysis
  • Structural Calculations & Finite Element Analysis
  • USCG, ABS and other Classification Society Design Review and Submittals
  • Heavy Cargo Transportation Planning, Engineering and Design
    • Seafastening Calculations and Detail Design
    • Deck Strength Calculation
    • Loadout and Offload Ballasting and Longitudinal Strength
    • Mooring System Design
  • High Precision 3D LiDAR and Optical Scanning
    • Structure, Piping and Outfitting Arrangement Modeling
    • As-Built Comparison Modeling


  • Structural and mechanical design for new construction, modification and repair.
  • Vessel hull conceptual design and preliminary line models for a variety of service applications, including
    • Ocean transportation of general cargo
    • Ocean transportation of oil field platforms & modules
    • Ship escort & assist services
    • Anchor handling & rig supply
    • Petroleum transportation to & from marine terminals
    • Offshore moorings
  • Stability analyses—damaged and intact—for a wide variety of hull forms and conditions, including
    • Multi-hull vessels
    • Unusual shapes & joined vessels such as docking evolutions and heavy lifts (LO/LO).
  • Structural analyses of local and overall hull girder, including finite element analysis.
  • Weight and moment calculations, deadweight surveys and stability tests.
  • Docking calculations and providing analyses in support of dock certification and design.
  • Surveys, technical specifications, time/cost estimates, trade-off and risk analyses.

Regions We Serve

Foss provides ship assist, tanker escort and other harbor services to vessels calling ports on the U.S. West Coast, Alaska and Hawaii. Foss specializes in comprehensive marine transportation services from point-to-point global turnkey logistics and transportation services, to ocean towing, and total project management worldwide.
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Southern California
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Featured Projects

Foss is proud to serve our global community with specialized maritime services. From providing disaster relief efforts in the United States, Haiti and Puerto Rico and emergency rescue towing to most recently towing a decommissioned Navy vessel from the U.S. West Coast to Texas via the Panama Canal. During the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Foss assisted the USNS Mercy ship into the Port of Los Angeles to serve as a backup hospital for the city of Los Angeles.

Our Fleet

Foss Maritime is dedicated to industry innovation and creative solutions. From introducing the first tugboat launches in Tacoma in the late 1800’s to diesel tugboats and developing the first Tractor tugs and one‐of‐a‐kind hybrid tugs. Foss has been focused on optimizing our fleet from the very beginning. We continue to build, design and add state-of-the-art vessels to our powerful fleet and most recently added three ASD-90 Tier 4 tugs which meet the EPA’s highest emissions standards.

Resource Hub

The Foss Resource Hub provides a one-stop library for our most pertinent information.

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