Foss offers point-to-point global turnkey logistics and transportation services via sea, land and air.

With a fleet of versatile U.S. Flagged vessels, strong business relationships with leading transportation companies and a dedication to customer-driven solutions, we work with companies and organizations worldwide to provide efficient and cost-effective transportation services for increasingly complex needs.

Foss Maritime’s U.S. Flag, VISA enrolled vessels have traveled the world establishing a global presence. We have delivered for a wide variety of governmental and non-governmental agencies, including components of the Department of Defense, US AID, and EXIM Bank. This in addition to Oil and Gas projects and shallow draft port locations are part of our expertise.

Our flexible operating ability and experienced staff have built a strong reputation as a responsive and reliable ocean-going carrier. The range of operations provided by Foss International extends worldwide and includes the following:

  • Roll On/Roll Off (RORO)
  • Lift On/Lift Off (LOLO)
  • High Wide and Heavy
  • Breakbulk
  • Bulk
  • Containerized Cargoes
  • Hazardous Cargoes including ammo

All of our U.S Flag vessels are equipped with self-sustainable cargo handling equipment to facilitate deliveries to even the most underdeveloped ports. Our on-the-ground personnel provide proactive management of vessel loading and discharge operations.

Examples of projects include:

Established an interport feeder service in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF).

  • Completed over 150 port calls to date
  • Increased the velocity of deliveries and decreased requisition wait time of sustainment cargoes
  • Provided a secure door-to-door ocean and land based transportation to locations throughout Iraq and Afghanistan (via Pakistan)
  • Navigated Iraqi port operations regarding material handling equipment availability and dependability
  • Placed a 300 ton mobile crane with crew, improving cargo operations
  • Shallow Draft Delivery Capability
  • Potential for Beach Deliveries

Delivered the first emergency food aid to Haiti after the massive January 2010 earthquake.

  • Delivered nearly 80,000 tons of food aid in 4,000 containers over eight-months
  • Provided five sets of dedicated ocean tugs and barges to deliver military supplies: 896 containers weighing 78,828 measurement tons
  • First U.S. flagged company to provide a coordinated response with the U.S. government

Read the Aid to Haiti case study.