In the major ports of the U.S. West Coast, Foss provides a versatile and advanced fleet of tugs with up to 8,000 horsepower to safely assist or escort vessels of any size.

Foss Maritime’s seasoned and professional crews provide safe and reliable service for container shipping and oil and gas companies – routinely and expertly handling the largest containerships and tankers in the world.

A leader in ship assist and tanker escort services, Foss has supported more than 30,000 tanker escort arrivals in the last 30 years and annually provides more than 20,000 ship assists. 

Innovative Solutions

Foss continues to drive innovation with cutting-edge engineering and ship construction. We design, build, and globally deploy some of the most technologically advanced tractor tugs in the market. Our state-of-the art ASD Z-Drive and Voith Schneider Propulsion (VSP) cycloidal tractor tugs can control the world’s largest tankers and freighters. And our fleet of 17 tractor tugs meet the performance criteria for tanker escort required by U.S. Coast Guard and all applicable state regulations in each port where we operate.

Foss also developed the first hybrid tug technology – which continues to meet and beat environmental and safety standards – and we perform a variety of assist and pilot trainings worldwide.

Supporting the Oil and Gas Industry

Foss provides escort and assist services for LNG import or export terminals anywhere in the world. We understand the equipment and staffing requirements and have a successful history of starting new regional operations to support the industry.

Examples of ongoing projects include:

  • Foss’ fleet of bunker barges at ports in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Long Beach, provides terminal-to-terminal transfers and delivery of bunkers directly to ships.
  • Foss proactively placed vapor recovery systems on all operating barges in Los Angles and Long Beach, acting in advance of regulatory mandates.