The Project:

Foss Maritime has worked with The Boeing Company of Everett, Washington for more than 20 years on a variety of projects. In 2011, Foss delivered the 1,000th barge load of containerized aircraft parts to the Port of Everett for Boeing. The aircraft parts arrive in the ports of Tacoma and Seattle where they are then barged by Foss to Pacific Terminal in Everett and placed on rail cars for transport to Boeing’s Everett plant. Foss continues this service today, transporting approximately 100 barge loads a year.

Services Provided:

  • Project Cargo & Logistics
  • Voyage Planning
  • Tug and Barge Regional Towing
  • Terminal Services


  • Tugs, such as the Andrew Foss, assist in moving the barge though the Puget Sound.
  • The containerized parts are carried on cargo ships from Japan to Seattle and Tacoma.
  • Foss has successfully delivered multiple barge loads for Boeing each week.