Saltchuk Marine Maritime Fleet

Foss Maritime is dedicated to industry innovation and creative solutions. From introducing the first tugboat launches in Tacoma in the late 1800’s to diesel tugboats and developing the first Tractor tugs and one‐of‐a‐kind hybrid tugs. Foss has been focused on optimizing our fleet from the very beginning. We continue to build, design and add state-of-the-art vessels to our powerful fleet.

In addition, the Foss Fleet Monitoring Center located in Portland, Oregon offers real-time tracking for all Foss, sister companies and customer vessels. Our Fleet Monitoring Center provides 24/7 vessel dispatch, 24-hour emergency response, and incorporates the best available cyber security and customer service technologies including a state-of-the-art phone system, and enhanced dispatching and vessel tracking capabilities.

  • Harbor Tugs

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    Vessel NameLOA (FT)Breadth (FT)DraftBHPPropulsionBollard Pull (Ahead)RegionComments
    Garth Foss (PDF)1554618.58,000Voith Tractor174,000Pacific NorthwestEnhanced Tractor Tug
    Lindsey Foss (PDF)1554618.58,000Voith Tractor173,700Pacific NorthwestEnhanced Tractor Tug
    Henry Foss (PDF)1003613.55,000Voith/Z-Drive Tractor102,540Pacific NorthwestTractorPlus Tug
    Wedell Foss (PDF)1003613.55,000Voith/Z-Drive Tractor114,200Pacific NorthwestTractorPlus Tug
    Marshall Foss (PDF)984016.76,250Z-Drive Tractor167,710Pacific NorthwestEnhanced ASD Tug
    Lynn Marie (PDF)984016.76,250Z-Drive Tractor169,400Pacific NorthwestEnhanced ASD Tug
    Rich Padden (PDF)76.335.913.75,300Z-Drive Tractor140,000SoCalTier III ASD Tug
    Andrew Foss (PDF)106.738.214.24,000Voith Tractor95,250Columbia/Snake RiverTractor Tug
    P.J. Brix (PDF),560Z-Drive Tractor67,500Columbia/Snake RiverTractor Tug – Raised Pilot House
    Carolyn Dorothy (PDF)7834145,000Z-Drive Tractor125,400Columbia/Snake RiverDiesel Electric Hybrid Tractor Tug
    Betsy L (PDF)7626.5102,600Twin screw50,000Columbia/Snake River
    Kalama (PDF)863411.54,400Z-Drive Tractor114,000Foss HawaiiASD Tug
    Keegan Foss (PDF)1103415.63,900Twin Screw/Kort/FR71,980NorCalConventional
    Point Fermin (PDF)973410.73,500Twin Screw69,840NorCalConventional – Raised Pilot House
    Point Vicente (PDF)1053410.73,500Twin Screw69,940Columbia/Snake RiverConventional – Raised Pilot House
    Sarah (PDF)782911.24,750Z-Drive Tractor123,000Columbia/Snake RiverASD Tug
    Alta June (PDF)783412.45,080Z-Drive Tractor133,520NorCalTractor Tug
    Arthur Foss (PDF)1073814.34,000Voith Tractor97,670Pacific NorthwestTractor Tug
    Edith Foss (PDF)7726.311.42,379Twin/Fixed Kort/FR52,800SoCalConventional Tug
    Caribe Alliance (PDF)63.3217.4850Twin ScrewSoCalConventional - Line Tug
    Brynn Foss (PDF)1003613.54,700Voith/Z-Drive Tractor114,200Pacific NorthwestTractor Plus Tug
    Bo Brusco (PDF)78
    4750Z-Drive Tractor
    SoCalASD Tug
    Ava Foss (PDF)6016.758.251,200Twin ScrewN/ASoCalCrew Boat
    Freedom (PDF)863411.54,400Z-Drive Tractor114,000Foss HawaiiASD Tug - Hawaii
    Mikioi (PDF)783412.44,730Z-Drive Tractor120,000Foss HawaiiTractor Tug
    Pi’ilani (PDF)783412.45,080Z-Drive Tractor120,000Foss HawaiiTractor Tug
    Mamo (PDF)7828113,400Z-Drive Tractor84,000Foss HawaiiTractor Tug
    Moana (PDF),000Voith Tractor76,270Foss HawaiiTractor Tug
    Captain Frank Moody (PDF)76323.61,437Triple Screw25,000Cook Inlet Tug & BargeShallow Draft Tow/Push
    Bering Wind (PDF)783412.45,080Z-Drive Tractor124,780Cook Inlet Tug & BargeDiesel Electric Hybrid Tractor Tug
    Glacier Wind (PDF)6526122,450Z-Drive Tractor76,000Cook Inlet Tug & BargeTractor Tug, Ice Class
    Stellar Wind (PDF)653012.53,500Z-Drive Tractor98,000Cook Inlet Tug & BargeTractor Tug, Ice Class
    Sag Wind (PDF)64273.41095(3) x CAT 343DCook Inlet Tug & BargeShallow draft near shore support
    Kuparuk Wind (PDF)64273.41095(3) x CAT 343DCook Inlet Tug & BargeShallow draft near shore support
    Kavik Wind (PDF)64273.41095(3) x CAT 343DCook Inlet Tug & BargeShallow draft near shore support
    Junior (PDF) 341233,550Cook Inlet Tug & BargeHomeport Seward, AK
    Bristol Wind (PDF)72324.31437Conventional Triple Screw25,000Cook Inlet Tug & BargeShallow draft near shore support
    Jamie Ann (PDF)103.94016.56,866Twin ASD90.86 Ahead/SoCal Harbor Assist & Escort
    Emergency Tow
    Barge Handling
    Leisa Florence (PDF)103.94016.56,866Twin ASD85.71 Ahead/NorCal Harbor Assist & Escort
    Emergency Tow
    Barge Handling
    103.94016.56,866Twin ASD90.00 Ahead/NorCal Harbor Assist & Escort
    Emergency Tow
    Barge Handling
    Lela Franco (PDF)8036165,150Z‐Drive TractorEst. 69.00 ST (62.60 MT)SoCalHarbor Escort & Assist
    Peter J Brix (PDF)7829114,024Z‐Drive TractorColumbia/Snake RiverRiver Ship Assist & Harbor Escort