The Project:

Foss completed one of the world’s largest sealift deliveries over three years. We supported construction of an oil production facility at the northeast tip of Sakhalin Island and transported prefabricated modules to remote construction sites. Foss provided complex logistic strategies to adapt to environmental challenges resulting in a safe completion
of the project ahead of schedule.

Services Provided:

  • Ocean Towing
  • Project Cargo & Logistics
  • Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering


  • In 2003, transported 300 assorted pieces of Exxon cargo including diesel oil storage tanks, coil tube drilling components, small modular components for oil field support services and 250 20’ containers from Korsakov, about 600 miles south of the beach site
  • In 2005 and 2006, transported Pipe Racks, Pressure vessels and 36 prefabricated modules, the largest being 280’ long, 45’ wide, 85’ tall, weighing 2,000 tons from Ulsan, South Korea, where they were manufactured by Hyundai
  • Heavy Industries
  • Moved 500 containers from Ulsan to Chayvo covering 1,500 miles and 21 days, amid challenges including ice, typhoons and dangerous sea conditions
  • Dredged the landing site at Chayvo, creating a pad where barges were ballasted down and grounded for safe unloading of the modules
  • Deliveries completed in July 2006, in time for Exxon Neftegas to begin production at Chayvo three months ahead of schedule