The Project:

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, Foss’ five-vessel, 35-employee El Segundo Moorings Service Group berths huge tankers and ferries workers and stores to the El Segundo Marine Terminal, a vast tanker mooring just off the coast. For nearly three years, the division has conducted daily at-sea personnel transfers in a challenging environment without a single lost-time injury—a record that reflects Foss’ culture of safety. With this project, Foss services Chevron Shipping as part of their longstanding alliance to collaborate on operational requirements, equipment needs and safety.

Services Provided:

  • Ship Assist & Tanker Escort
  • Terminal Services
  • Line Handling & Launch
  • Regional Towing


  • The Brynn Foss, a 93-foot tractor tug, is stationed full time at the moorings to assist tankers into the berths
  • Two 65-foot line boats, the Lucy Foss, built in 2009 at Foss’ Rainier shipyard, and the Caribe Alliance, secure ships moored at the El Segundo offshore moorings
  • Two crew boats, the 60-foot Ava Foss, built in 2010 at Foss’ Rainier shipyard, and the 64-foot Caribe Horizon, ferry personnel and supplies to the El Segundo offshore moorings