Foss Maritime’s extensive fleet, equipment versatility and decades of experience provide our customers with the options and pedigree they need to execute any harbor towing requirement safely and confidently. Working in conjunction with our Marine Engineering division, Harbor Marine Group, any harbor towing requirement can be tailored to meet the project’s specification.

Full Service Towing

The Foss regional towing projects have included:

  • Special Project Cargo
  • Construction support
  • Barge Transport
  • Aggregate and Forest Products
  • Shipyard and Dry-dock Support
  • Dead Ship and Vessel Towage
  • Grain
  • Petroleum
  • Containers
  • Terminal Equipment

Our Fleet

The Foss fleet offers point-to-point towing worldwide with some of the most advanced and powerful tugs in the industry. The company boasts flat-deck, multi-purpose and specialized commodity barges, including a large fleet specifically for harbor and coastwise transportation. Foss routinely provides customers with a total logistics package that integrates stevedoring, heavy lift services and interposal linkages.