Foss is committed to safety, quality, and safeguarding the environment is company-wide. Our primary focus is on keeping people, property and the environment safe 100% of the time. We work with our marine and shoreside employees every day to continuously improve safety awareness and strengthen our environmental controls.

The U.S. Coast Guard, Ports of L.A. and Long Beach, Chamber of Shipping of America, the EPA and others have recognized Foss for our safety and environmental efforts. Read more about our Health & Safety programs.

Foss is committed to:

  • Improving safety awareness
  • Strengthening environmental controls
  • Standardizing practices across all regions
  • Structuring employee accountability
  • Meeting regulatory requirements
  • Enhancing business performance
  • Meeting customer contractual requirement

We strive to be always safe by improving our operations to ensure the safety of our people, equipment, and the environment. Foss complies with both domestic and international quality and safety standards, including ISO 14001. Read more about our Quality & Safety Certifications, and our commitment to the Environment.