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The Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles are some of the busiest ports along the U.S. west coast. Operating in these thriving seaports for decades, Foss is committed to providing safe and efficient operations. In addition, our operations in El Segundo provide a vital link to offshore refinery and terminal operations.

Harbor Assist Services
Foss is a leader in ship assist and tanker escort services, and routinely expertly handles the largest containerships and tankers in the world. Our seasoned, professional crews provide safe, reliable service for all towage needs.

The Port of Long Beach was the home the world’s first hybrid tug, Carolyn Dorothy, and today continues to add to their innovative and powerful Southern California fleet.

Petroleum Barges
Foss Maritime’s fleet of double hulled bunker barges in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, have vapor recovery systems and provide terminal-to-terminal transfers and delivery of bunkers directly to ships. The environmentally safe barges can process oil vapors on board, without open loading, while safely transporting a variety of petroleum products.
Vapor Recovery Barge
The San Pedro barge was converted to provide mobile vapor recovery to customers within the port. Able to attach alongside, the barge provides vapor recovery for docking or anchored vessels anywhere in the L.A., Long Beach and El Segundo regions. 
Regional Towing Services
The Foss fleet offers point-to-point towing with some of the most advanced and powerful tugs in the industry. The company boasts flat-deck, multi-purpose and specialized commodity barges, including a large fleet specifically for harbor and coastwise transportation. Foss routinely provides customers with a total logistics package that integrates stevedoring, heavy lift services and interposal linkages.
Pacific Area Lightering
Foss supports petroleum lighterage operations in the harbors and in the open ocean for major oil and gas customers. Our marine, petroleum, shipyard, engineering and shoreside logistics groups work in conjunction with one another to meet the unique specifications of every job.

Foss provides marine support services at the Pacific Area Lightering (PAL) off the coast of Southern California. This specially designated lightering area hosts the world’s largest tankers, which are too large to berth at California ports.

El Segundo
Foss supports terminal operations at refineries in El Segundo and Richmond, California with services ranging from maintaining and delivering large fenders to providing rigging expertise. Foss shoreside and marine personnel and equipment operate launch and supply vessels, line-handling tugs, and assist tugs.
Line & Launch
Foss operates the line boats Lucy Foss and Caribe Alliance that secure the ships moored at the El Segundo offshore moorings. This required service works in conjunction with the crew launch vessel Ava Foss and Foss tug provide 24/7 seamless and safe operations in this challenging environment.