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The Port of San Francisco and the Port of Oakland are thriving seaports that serve as a gateway to a world-class region. Operating in the Bay area for decades, Foss is committed to providing safe and efficient operations.

Harbor Assist Services
Foss is a leader in ship assist and tanker escort services, and routinely expertly handles the largest containerships and tankers in the world. Our seasoned, professional crews provide safe, reliable service for all towage needs.

The always ready fleet of the Bay area daily provides safe and efficient services throughout the Bay area.

Regional Towing Services
The Foss fleet offers point-to-point towing with some of the most advanced and powerful tugs in the industry. The company boasts flat-deck, multi-purpose and specialized commodity barges, including a large fleet specifically for harbor and coastwise transportation. Foss routinely provides customers with a total logistics package that integrates stevedoring, heavy lift services, project management and inland transportation.
Dredging Support
The Foss team of experienced marine personnel execute and support a key customer in delivering marine sands via a dredging operation for construction materials in San Francisco Bay.

We offer, point to point transportation and towing services of deck barges, crane barges, dump scows and equipment, and engineering and project management, as required.