Foss Maritime Contracts with Lloyd’s Register to Certify the First Tug in North America with a Green Passport

Lifelong inventory of vessel’s materials to aid safer and more environmentally sound scrapping of ships and promote better hazard management

SEATTLE, August 20, 2008 – Foss Maritime Company has contracted with Lloyd’s Register North America, Inc. to obtain a Green Passport certification for its low emission Hybrid Tug as part of its ongoing commitment to safeguarding the environment. The vessel, which will be the first tug in North America with a Green Passport certification, is being built at Foss’ shipyard in Rainier, Oregon, and is scheduled to begin operation in southern California in fall 2008. The tug design was awarded the EPA’s 2008 Clean Air Excellence Award for Clean Air Technology.

The Green Passport is a document that contains an inventory of all the materials onboard a ship that may be hazardous to people’s health or the environment, and that require careful handling or special awareness. The record accompanies the ship throughout its operational life. Every five years, it is reviewed and recertified. At the end of the ship’s life, it helps the ship recycling yard to formulate a safe and environmentally friendly way of decommissioning the ship.

“We are committed to being proactive in our efforts to safeguard our people and the environment. Obtaining a Green Passport is one way we can promote better hazard management on the vessels, and help protect the environment when it’s time to decommission the vessel,” said Susan Hayman, VP of Environmental and Corporate Development. “Most important, it keeps environmental and safety issues top-of-mind for all of us.”

One of the biggest advantages of the Green Passport is safety onboard, ensuring that everyone is aware of potentially hazardous materials and that proper attention is paid to hazard and safety management systems.

“Lloyd’s Register is pleased to work with Foss as it takes another meaningful step toward improving its safety and environmental practices,” says Gopalakrishnan Pallichadath, Principal Surveyor and Green Passport coordinator for Lloyd’s Register North America. “We applaud Foss for its decision to obtain the Green Passport for its leading edge hybrid tug and look forward to being part of the company’s ongoing commitment to safety and good environmental stewardship.”

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) issued Guidelines on Ship Recycling to improve the standards of safety and reduce environmental pollution resulting from the scrapping of ships in 2003. The guidelines introduced the concept of the Green Passport.

In the past year, Foss has implemented a number of environmental and safety programs. The Hybrid Tug is one of its initiatives to improve energy efficiency and air quality. Last year, Foss also announced a company-wide switch to ultra low sulfur diesel fuel to reduce emissions of particulate matter and carbon dioxide. Foss is a member of SmartWay Transport® Partnership, a voluntary collaboration between EPA and the freight industry designed to increase energy efficiency while significantly reducing air pollution.