August 8, 2014

Today is the departure day of the USS CONSTELLATION on her final voyage.

The ETD from Bremerton Naval Station is still holding for 14:00 with assist tugs bringing  the “Connie” (as she is affectionately called by her old shipmates) out to the CORBIN FOSS off the north end of Blake Island at 17:00 to hook up the towing gear for departure.


  1. Kevin McClintic

    Trivia question… Will there be a Foss crew living aboard the Constellation during the voyage, or are crew put on board only if a need arises? Thank you.

    • Mary Beedle

      There will be no one riding the ship. In an emergency we can put crew aboard by pilot ladders hanging just above the waterline.

  2. jeff

    The blog idea is great – Please post lots of pictures and videos if you can. Thanks

  3. Pete Axson

    Thank you for respect that you are showing her.
    Ships Company, 1984-1988.

    • Mary Beedle

      We are honored to share this final voyage in recognition and appreciation of the service and sacrifice of those who proudly served on board her.

  4. Party and Tom

    We’re here at Ford Ward on Bainbridge waiting for the USS Constellation. It’s a beautiful day to watch this great ship pass by.

  5. Tom Anderson

    Fair winds and following seas, old girl.

    Tom Anderson
    OPS/OA 2000-2003

  6. Claudine Olin

    My husband and I are trying to figure out where we can go and park so we can watch her pass. We are in Silverdale. I snapped a few pics of the tugs in prep when we pulled over in Bremerton around 2ish.

    • Mary Beedle

      Last line at Bremerton was 14:15 and underway at 14:51 with assist tugs to Blake Island where she will meet up with the Corbin Foss.

  7. Party and Tom

    When is the Connie going to leave?
    We’re still waiting on Bainbridge at 15:40.

  8. Gary Wilkinson

    Thanks for all you do in keeping everyone updated about the transit of the “Connie”. She was a fine ship when I was aboard in 1967 in the Vietnam conflict. I was with the Flag (CTF-77) during my time on her. Will be interesting to see the updates as she proceeds to Brownsville, TX. Sorry to see her scrapped, though.

  9. Phillip Epstein

    I am a plank owner of the USS Constellation and I would like to thank you for the info.

  10. Shelly

    Ship tow is almost directly in front of Light house in West Seattle heading out. It is 8:20 PM.

  11. John Curry

    A lot of former crew members in the Southern Cal area are asking if the Connie will dock in Long Beach or anchor at sea??

    • Mary Beedle

      She will be anchoring at fuel anchorage area and will not be docking in Long Beach.

      • John Curry

        Thank you for the information. Never been to Long Beach so not sure where the fuel anchorage area is located. I guess the guys just want to be able to see the ship from shore. Will that be possible from somewhere in Long Beach?

        • Mary Beedle

          We are checking to see if there are places in Long Beach that will afford a viewing of the vessel while in port. Will follow up with a post on the blog when we have the information.

  12. Joe

    I was just a 16-year-old U.S. Naval Sea Cadet in 1971 when members of our unit and Royal Canadian Sea Cadets were able to spend a week at sea aboard the Connie while she conducted air operations off the California coast. It was a great experience. I saw her many times in San Diego since then and hope to get one last glimpse when she stops off Long Beach later this month. Thank you, Constellation, and thanks to your crews, for many years of service.