The Corbin Foss Meets Connie

August 8, 2014

The Corbin Foss joining the USS Constellation near Blake Island.


13 Responses to “The Corbin Foss Meets Connie”

  1. Pete Salisbury

    As a Navy Veteran who served aboard the USS Ranger CVA-61 and part of the veterans movement to save the Ranger it is a sad day for all aircraft carrier veterans to see the Constellation leave on it’s final voyage. Please treat her with all the respect she deserves.

    • charityg

      Thank you Pete. She is a magnificent vessel with such an amazing history. We are honored to be part of her story!

  2. Tim Garver

    I’m truly sad. I never thought I’d be this emotional.

  3. Steve McNally

    Charity … know that as you usher the shell of what housed many of us that there is overwhelming loyalty to that fine ship. To many of us who served in her, we are tracking every mile of her final journey and can only hope that the Navy will name another one Constellation soon. May the voyage contain fair winds and following seas.

  4. Adcjj

    I know the Corbin Foss is going to refuel in Long Beach…will the Connie brought inside the breakwater and what is the ETA??? I know the former sailors of the Connie who live in SOCAL would love to see her one more time….

  5. Carol JoAnne Maddux

    Sad to see such a magnificent vessel leave on her last voyage. We salute and will always respect your service. God speed USS Constellation!

  6. Lee McAtee

    Served aboard 4/1969 to 12/1972 and it was always a good time. 3 years 10 months and 9 days in the Navy and all but boot camp was on the Constellation. Sorry to see it go.

  7. Sterling Bates

    I served from December 1968 to March 1971 On the USS Constellation CVA-64 as an MM3, A-Division, A-2 Catapult Steam Maintenance Shop. Even after all these years its a sad ending for a great ship.