December 17, 2014

Position:  5 38.4 n  50 47.1 w





WEATHER:  WIND:  NE 15-18 K;  SEAS:  NE 4′





32 Responses to “CORBIN FOSS/USS CONSTELLATION – 12/17/2014”

  1. Steve S.

    thank you for the updates…. I know with the upcoming holidays, keeping the progress updated seems like a minor concern, but many crew members are eager to know when Connie will be in Brownsville so we can make reservations before hand. Again, thanks! Happy holidays!!

    • Steve S.

      To the crew and Corbin Foss family, may all the joys of the holidays be with you and may God keep you safe!

  2. Jake Hunt

    Do you have a date you expect to be in TX? Even if it is only a rough estimate? Trying to make plans.

  3. Harris Arneson BT1 ret.

    It’s sad i was on six different ships and this the last one to be scarpped. It is nice that you have this blog so people can follow her to her death!!!! I think she could have went on forever. Do you have pictures along the way?
    THANK YOU!!!

  4. Steve Turner

    The total distance travelled figure in the blog, where is that measured from? Something tells me they’ve travelled further from Bremerton than 2660 miles.

    • Mary Beedle

      Distance travelled from is from each point of departure for fuel stops. They just departed from Trinidad and have 2,318 mile to go to Brownsville. ETA 1/12/15.

  5. Selena

    Will there be a tour of the Connie before she is scrapped in Brownsville? my father was there in the 80’s and he wants a chance to walk around the ship one last time before she goes.

  6. David Barkdoll

    I served aboard her as Hangar Deck Officer and later as Catapult Officer. Any chance of getting a piece of her? Something like a square foot of flight deck?

  7. John Hitchcock

    12-23-2014 (9:52 am CST): Did Connie make it to Trinidad yesterday (12/22/2014)?

    • Mary Beedle

      Made it in and departed 12/26/2014 14:00
      ETA Brownsville is 1/12/15

  8. Steve Cullen

    Hello, we’re all tring to make plans to watch her arrival, is there aby ETA yet? Thanks.

  9. david c

    Merry Christmas to crew of the corbin foss from all of the oil fired navy carriers crews. CVA 66

  10. Gregg Gaston

    Former crew member living in Corpus Christi. I did my 110 consecutive days in the I.O. on her. Even though you’re taking her to be scrapped, please take care of her. She was a good boat. I hope I’ll be able to see her when she arrives. Thanks.

  11. Steve & Donna Wright

    Will the ship arrive in late Dec or early January in Brownsville? We are near Brownsville and would like to know so we may watch her come in to port. Thank you.

  12. Henry Joseph

    I remember the Constellation under construction at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Every time my dad drove across the Williamsburg or Manhattan Bridge I took a long look as the carrier grew and grow. Of course, there was that little mishap at the end of the construction. No one’s perfect. Very nice looking ship.