January 14, 2015


NOTE NEW ETA PILOT STATION:  01/16/2015 07:00

06:00 1/14/15 POSITION

25 59.2 N 96 18.9 W





ETA PILOT STATION:  01/16/15 07:00


SEAS:  NNE 4′-5′


15 Responses to “CORBIN FOSS/USS CONSTELLATION – 01/14/2015”

  1. Kevin Fitzpatrick

    I was stationed aboard the USS constellation from 1972 to 1976, I’m wondering is any possibility I could get a piece of the Connie before she is completely sold off for scrap.. I’ll gladly pay for this.

    • Mary Beedle

      You might want to check with International Shipbreaking in Brownsville.

  2. Ernie

    Congratulations to the crew of the Corbin Foss! A remarkable final journey for “America’s Flagship”.

  3. Annie Reeves

    What is your ETA to come through.the channel at South Padre Island. Looking forward to watching. The wind is blowing here on the island this evening.

    • Mary Beedle

      Right now it is difficult to say as the weather has them hove to with high winds. Yesterday the time for pilot station was 07:00 01/16/15.

      • Annie Reeves

        Thank you . Will keep looking out my RV window. . South Padre Island… we have family members with ties to her.

    • Mary Beedle

      Right now the arrival is delayed because of weather. As soon as we know the new ETA pilot station, will let everyone know.

  4. Heidi

    When will the carrier pass through South Padre Island so I can take my kids to go see it headed to its final destination?

  5. steven mckinnon

    My brother was stationed on this ship. Is there anyway he could visit it one last time. We are planning trip to come and see it before it is scrapped. Thank you very much!

    • Mary Beedle

      I do not believe anyone will be allowed to board it but viewing might be no problem but the scrapping schedule is up to International Shipbreaking.

  6. Thelma Razor

    WIll it go into Brownsville today? and do you know time? We love watching on SPI

    • Mary Beedle

      The vessels are hove to offshore for weather. Do not have an ETA right now. Yesterday the ETA for Pilot Station was 07:00 1/16/14.

  7. peter johnson

    wow! thanks for the blog! I found G Captain, found ‘ live ship map”, found ‘ foss towinng’.what an ocean adventure!! still have question? thanks again.

  8. Martu

    From Bremerton saw her pull out and was in water next to her. Sad. Ranger is next. Our govt needs to let those who want these ships have them. What difference does it make?