January 13, 2015

25 31.4 N 93 59.7 W



AVE SPD:  5.4 K


SEAS:  NNE 5′-6′




29 Responses to “CORBIN FOSS/USS CONSTELLATION – 01/13/2015”

  1. John Hitchcock

    Have any more pics been added since Rio De Janeiro? Since the pics will not allow one to start at the last pic, I have to cycle thru all the old pics and it takes some time for my old computer to get to the end. Thanks.

  2. Pete Axson

    Please extend a job well done to the crew of the Corbin Foss. As much as I hate to see part of my history dismantled, I thank God that it was a safe voyage, and all aboard will reach their destination safe. Also, many thanks for going the extra mile and running this blog to keep all of us old Connie sailors up to date. You did not have to do that, but it was appreciated immensely. I can not thank you enough for handling the USS Constellation with all the respect that you afforded her. It means a lot.
    Best Regards ,
    Pete Axson, DS2(SW)
    1984-1988 OED Division

    • Mary Beedle

      Dear Pete,

      Thank you for the kind remarks. it has been an honor to for us to provide the information for this historic voyage of the USS CONSTELLATION.




      I concur entirely with Mr. Axson, forever in your debt. to Mrs. Beedle and the Corbin Foss Crew.

      • Mary Beedle

        It’s been a pleasure to be able to share in this adventure with so many dedicated heeroes.

    • Linda Matz

      Well said Pete. FYI ship breaker announced there will be memorial pieces made that will be available for purchase at a later date.

  3. nancy nelson

    Once a pilot is aboard, aprox how long to navigate the ship channel?

  4. Bart Bobbitt

    How far offshore is the deballasting point from the south end of Padre Island?

    • Mary Beedle

      As far as I can tell it is approximately 10 miles off shore; Pilot Station 07:00 01/16/15

  5. Ron Leaf

    What a great sight to behold !! As an ex-naval airman I’m sure many shipmates of the “Connie” will be on site at Isla Blanca Park to see the final journey. GO NAVY !!

    • Mary Beedle

      The latest information is that they will take on their pilot at 07:00 local time on 1/16/15; It is a 4 to 6 hour transit to final destination

  6. scotty ragan

    What is the name of shipyard the Connie will be docked? Will the veterans be allowed on board one last time? How long before they start scrapping her? Live in Ms. Planning on flying out to her one last time but need good dates.

    • Mary Beedle

      International Shipbreakers. No one will be allowed on board the vessel it is unsafe. The time to start scrapping her is up to the owner. The vessel is arriving to the Pilot Station now 07:00 1/16/15 it will take approximately 4 to 6 hours to transit channel to final destination.

  7. Jamie Ramirez

    Husband (served on the Connie) and daughter are anxiously awaiting arrival at Brownsville ship channel.

    • Mary Beedle

      New ETA Pilot Station is 07:00 01/16/15; 4 to 6 hours up channel to final destination

  8. John Hitchcock

    FYI to all gathering in South Padre Island/Brownsville to see Connie come into port one last time: I just found out that Connie will spend another day anchored offshore postponing her last voyage into port to Friday (1/16/2015).

    • Mary Beedle

      This is correct have been advised that they will be at pilot station 07:00 on 1/16/15.

  9. Bart Bobbitt

    Mary, an old Navy code sent by telegraph, flag hoist, blinker light or radio meaning “Well done!” is abbreviated with the phonetic alphabet: Bravo Zulu.

    BZ, Mary. Thanh you.

  10. Jay

    Anyone know if they have live feeds or cams in port. Would like to watch her come in for the very last time.

    • Mary Beedle

      You might be able to check the Port Authority of Brownsville to see if they have cams.