Injury Free

Foss celebrates more than one full year without a lost time injury

SEATTLE, July 27, 2011 — Foss Maritime Company has surpassed one full year without incurring a lost time injury. For Foss’ marine operations, it has been two million man-hours and nearly a year and a half, since the last lost time injury. For Foss’ shipyards, more than a year has passed since the last lost time injury.

“This significant achievement is the direct result of our company and our employees embracing – at all levels – a deeply rooted safety culture and robust safety program,” said Frank Williamson, Foss’ Vice President of Safety & Quality.

In order to build on its safety culture, Foss developed a sophisticated behavior-based program, with robust health, safety and compliance programs that provide a full-circle safety focus at all levels.

Gary Faber, Foss’ President and COO, said, “The primary credit here goes to our employees. They have embraced the need for safety in our company culture. A safe working environment is essential for Foss, our employees and our customers.”

Foss crews and shipyard employees now routinely perform job safety analyses before they begin a project, engage in safety conversations during jobs, and meet after the jobs to review the behaviors that they observed during their work. The employees provide daily reports to management on safety observations and near-misses that are reported to all of Foss through safety alerts, safety bulletins and lessons learned to ensure that even the most seemingly minor irregularities are recognized and eliminated. Through multiple regional safety committees, which meet frequently, Foss employees are afforded the opportunity to provide input into Foss’ safety programs and to provide vital support for the company’s “push to zero” initiatives.