Shipyard Project Extends Life of U.S. Navy Research Vessel

USNS Independence

Foss recently performed a drydocking and extensive maintenance period for the USNS Independence, based in Port Hueneme California, to extend the life of the 33-year-old vessel that supports weapons testing operations for the U.S. Navy.

The 200-foot-long vessel arrived at the Foss Seattle shipyard in early February and departed in early April after an eight-week refit that included repairs to the hull and propulsion systems, replacements of several upgraded auxiliary engines, modifications to several of the shipboard systems, and renewal of coatings.

In addition to this work, the Foss Harbor Marine Group employed new equipment to develop laser scans of the underwater hull that can be used to prefabricate hull plates and sections prior to a future drydocking, which will shorten the vessel’s time out of service.

“This project was challenging, and it was rewarding for the shipyard team to be able to plan and execute a project for the Navy and deliver the vessel before the planned completion date,” said Shipyard Director Jon Hie.