Historic Ship Tow

Two Foss tugs and one from AMNAV moved the World War II era museum ship Red Oak Victory from its berth at the Port of Richmond, Calif., to a dock at California Maritime Academy in Vallejo in early July. During its stay at the academy, the all-volunteer crew planned to light the historic ship’s boilers for the first time in 50 years, getting it back to operational status. Lighting the boilers was not possible at the port, because of the possibility that soot might fall on new cars nearby. The 455-foot Red Oak Victory was one of 534 military Victory-class cargo ships built to support the World War II effort. It is the last surviving ship built at the Kaiser Richmond Shipyards during the war. The tugs on the job included the Caden Foss, on the stern and the Sandra Hugh from AMNAV, on the bow. The Point Vicente from Foss also assisted. The Red Oak Victory was to reopen to visitors in Richmond in August.