Fireboat Work Lands Top Mariner Award for Shipyard Foreman

Robert Biertzer

Foss Seattle Shipyard Steel Shop General Foreman Robert Biertzer recently received a Top Mariner Award, including $2,500 in cash, in recognition for his contributions to the Long Beach fireboat project.

In nominating Biertzer for the award, Foss naval architect Amanda Dayton called him “an exceptional manager and producer at the shipyard.” She continued:

“He stepped into the superintendent role for the Long Beach fireboat project and brought significant leadership and organization to the crews. He did his best to manage the customer when the project manager was absent or during management transition. He utilized his team effectively and worked with integrity.”

Biertzer is a nine-year veteran of Foss, having joined the shipyard team as a shipfitter in 2009.

“My reaction to receiving the award was, if you put forth hard effort it is noticed.”Biertzer said. “I was pretty impressed actually.”

Biertzer, who has a farm in Eatonville near Mount Rainier, said he and his wife spent the money upgrading fences for their cattle and for a new, large chicken coup.

The Top Mariner Award provides recognition and financial reward to Foss employees whose performance significantly impacted the company results or exceeded expectations for exceptional performance.