Coming Soon: Foss Safety Recognition Program

By Grant Johnson
Vice President, Health, Safety, Quality and Environment

Safety VP Grant Johnson on Slips, Trips and Falls

Grant Johnson

This graphic, highlighting “Always Safe,” will be emblazoned on flags awarded to safe vessels and work sites.

In an effort to enhance the Foss safety culture and to better ensure that every co-worker makes it home to their loved ones safely, I’m excited to announce the launch of the Foss Safety Recognition Program.

The program is designed to recognize and encourage safe behaviors as well as improve morale and is focused on the leading indicators of safe operations (i.e. what we are doing to proactively prevent incidents).

The program is structured to recognize not just compliance, but safety engagement and leadership, so that we continually become safer. It also empowers Foss Regional Safety Committees to tailor the program to best suit each region’s operations.

The program incorporates public recognition, immediate or “on the spot” recognition, awards, and individual and team recognition through a number of avenues, including peer-to-peer, supervisor-to-peer, and Regional Safety Committee recognition. Awards, determined in-large-part by the Regional Safety Committees, may include public recognition, placards, safety recognition apparel and gear, and other awards, such as gift cards, etc.

I am also excited to announce, as part of the Safety Recognition Program, the Foss ‘Always Safe’ award — flags or banners to be displayed on our vessels and at our worksites that have been working safely. To display the new flag, a vessel or worksite will have demonstrated the absence of lost-time incidents over the previous month. We will also award pennants to accompany the flags or banners to recognize each 12 months of back-toback safe operations.

I look forward to rolling out this program soon and to working with all of you towards ever safer operations.