Capt. Katrina Anderson Likes the ‘Personal Challenge’ of the Job

Capt. Katrina Anderson, at the helm of the Wedell Foss.

Katrina Anderson took her first steps as a toddler on a tug on Cook Inlet in Alaska. This woman has towboating in her blood.

Anderson, now 34, is the daughter of Carl Anderson, from whom Foss bought Cook Inlet Tug & Barge in 2011. She is now a harbor tug captain on Puget Sound.

Anderson began accumulating sea time by working summers on her father’s tugs while putting herself through college at Western Washington University in Bellingham. She sat for exams and got her master’s license about 10 years ago.

She moved to Washington in 2013 to train with Foss for what she thought would be a masters’ position in Alaska, but it turned out that there were more opportunities on Puget Sound.

What does she like about her job?

“There’s always a challenge, a personal challenge.”