Always Safe. Always Ready.

The Foss commitment to our people and customers worldwide.

“Always Safe. Always Ready.”  is more than a motto for Foss Maritime, it is how we conduct business and serve our customers  – and it has seldom been more applicable than the current situation faced by our families and communities. 

Across the globe, COVID-19 is impacting all aspects of people’s lives, and we are all doing what we can to reduce the threat of it spreading. At Foss, the safety of our personal and professional families—including our customers and their families—is paramount, so we are taking steps to ensure the safety of our employees and customers, while keeping our crucial maritime operations running. 

All Foss departments and regional operations are fully operational and available to support our customers. Foss operations are considered an “essential service” and we are committed to supporting our customers and keeping vital supply chains open, while keeping people safe. We have instructed our employees to follow the guidelines set forth by our local, state and federal officials, the CDC and the United States Coast Guard and we have created flexible work environments to support them. 

Our shipyard continues to operate, as fixing vessels is also a critical element in keeping maritime commerce moving. And the Foss Maritime 24-hour customer service center (Fleet Monitoring Center – FMC) continues to operate as our command center for all communications to our maritime operations. In addition, to our normal operations, Foss stand ready to immediately respond to any directives from the U.S. Coast Guard or government agencies that would impact the support we provide to the flow of essential services designated in the ports we serve. 

Each Foss region, the Shipyard and the FMC all have contingency and emergency response plans up and running to ensure business continuity, given our circumstances can change at any moment during these unprecedented times.

As always, the daily communication we have with our customers is critical to the services we perform. Now, and going forward, Foss is committed to being always safe, always ready in meeting the needs of our customers in local ports and around the world.