Foss Maritime Fleet

As of April 2012

Harbor Tugs

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Vessel NameLOA (FT)Breadth (FT)DraftBHPPropulsionBollard Pull (Ahead)Comments
Garth Foss1554618.58,000Voith Tractor174,000Enhanced Tractor Tug
Lindsey Foss1554618.58,000Voith Tractor173,700Enhanced Tractor Tug
Pacific Star984017.56,610Z-Drive Tractor180,350Enhanced ASD Tug
Henry Foss1003613.55,000Voith/Z-Drive Tractor102,540TractorPlus Tug
Wedell Foss1003613.55,000Voith/Z-Drive Tractor114,200TractorPlus Tug
Andrew Foss106.738.214.24,000Voith Tractor95,250Tractor Tug
Delta Lindsey1004022.26,850Z-Drive Tractor187,060ASD Tug
Pacific Explorer9934174,400Z-Drive Tractor188,000ASD Tug
Daniel Foss95.232153,300Z-Drive Tractor90,000ASD Tug
Pacific Escort100.236.1163,000Voith Tractor76,270Tractor Tug
Betsy L.7626.5102,600Twin Screw50,000Conventional Tug
P.J. Brix87.131.113.82,560Z-Drive Tractor67,500Tractor Tug – Raised Pilot House
Arrow No 251.913.95.8350Single ScrewN/APilot Launch
America984017.56,610Z-Drive Tractor176,370Enhanced ASD Tug
Lynn Marie984016.76,250Z-Drive Tractor169,400Enhanced ASD Tug
Marshall Foss984016.76,250Z-Drive Tractor167,710Enhanced ASD Tug
Keegan Foss1103415.63,900Twin Screw/Kort/FR71,980Conventional
Point Fermin973410.73,500Twin Screw69,840Conventional – Raised Pilot House
Point Vicente1053410.73,500Twin Screw69,940Conventional – Raised Pilot House
Alta June783412.45,080Z-Drive Tractor133,520Tractor Tug
Campbell Foss783412.45,080Z-Drive Tractor124,780Diesel Electric Hybrid Tractor Tug
Carolyn Dorothy7834145,000Z-Drive Tractor125,400Diesel Electric Hybrid Tractor Tug
Arthur Foss1073814.34,000Voith Tractor97,670Tractor Tug
Edith Foss7726.311.42,379Twin/Fixed Kort/FR52,800Conventional Tug
Benjamin Foss77.226.311.52,250Twin/Fixed Kort/FR52,200Conventional Tug
Lucy Foss6524101,200Twin ScrewConventional - Line Tug
Caribe Alliance63.3217.4850Twin ScrewConventional - Line Tug
Pacific Knight77.226.311.42,210Twin/Fixed Kort/FR52,800Conventional Tug
Pacific Queen77.226.311.42,210Twin/Fixed Kort/FR52,800Conventional Tug
Orion953214.93,000Voith Tractor82,500Tractor Tug
Leo73.434155,080Z-Drive Tractor130,370Tractor Tug
Volans73.32811.42,210Twin/Fixed Kort/FR52,800Conventional – Raised Pilot House
Brynn Foss1003613.54,700Voith/Z-Drive Tractor114,200Tractor Plus Tug

Ocean Tugs

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Vessel NameLOA (ft)Breadth (ft)DraftBHPPropulsionBollard Pull (Ahead)Comments
Lauren Foss149.84019.58,000Twin Screw, Kort Nozzle216,342SOLAS
Corbin Foss149.84019.58,000Twin Screw, Kort Nozzle212,900SOLAS
Justine Foss1263414.64,300Twin Screw, Open Wheel107,500
Jeffrey Foss1203113.54,300Twin Screw, Kort Nozzle141,090
Barbara Foss1263414.64,300Twin Screw, Kort Nozzle142,600
Drew Foss1263414.63,000Twin Screw, Open Wheel64,440
Sidney Foss1263414.63,000Twin Screw, Open Wheel65,000
Leslie Foss1203113.53,000Twin Screw, Open Wheel65,000
Sandra Foss111.531.511.62,900Twin Screw, Open Wheel92,500
Stacey Foss111.531.511.62,900Twin Screw, Open Wheel92,500
Howard Olsen11032.114.23,000Twin Screw, Open Wheel68,180
Halle Foss9527.912.52,200Twin Screw, Open Wheel60,500
Dana Cruz92365.751,800Triple Screw, Open Wheel31,000Shallow Draft

Tank Barges

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Vessel NameLOA (FT)Breadth (FT)DraftOwned or LeasedDescriptionCLEAN PRODUCT BBLS (@95%)HEAVY PRODUCT
BBLS (@95%)
Foss 248 P22485617.4OwnedSingle Hull028,000
Foss 248 P32485617.4OwnedSingle Hull028,000
Washington2485617.4OwnedSingle Hull028,000
FDH 26-12405818.42OwnedDouble Hull024,600
FDH 26-22405818.42OwnedDouble Hull024,600
FDH 35-12406024OwnedDouble Hull032,150
FDH 35-22406024OwnedDouble Hull2,49032,150
FDH 35-32906518.42OwnedDouble Hull, Vapor Recovery032,000
FDH 35-42906518.42OwnedDouble Hull, Vapor Recovery032,000
FDH 35-52906518.42OwnedDouble Hull, Vapor Recovery6,40025,600

Deck Barges

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Vessel NameLOA (FT)Breadth (FT)DraftUniform Deck Strength (LBS/SF)DescriptionDeadweight (LTSW)Comments
American Trader400105202,000Double Deck Barge11,732Internal Ballast System
Z Big 140099.5251,800Deck/Tank Barge15,775Single Hull
Aqua Train42510021.5N/ADeck Barge11,907Rail Car Barge
Columbia Boston34094213,200Deck Barge9,453
Foss 34334376181,787Deck Barge6,785
Foss 286-328676181,311Deck Barge6,290
Chemcaribe27468151,335Deck Barge4,214Internal Ballast System
Baranof2766017760Deck Barge3,366
Sitka2726017.41,500Deck Barge3,093
Marmac 1225072162,000Deck Barge w/ Ramp4,742
Seattle3065617.51,731Deck Barge4,340
185 C31855012875Deck Barge1,871
185 C41855012875Deck Barge, w/ Ramp1,871
185 P21855012875Deck Barge1,871
PT&S 3791785012650Deck Barge w/Ramp1,800

Specialty Vessels

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Vessel NameLOA (FT)Breadth (FT)Max Draft (FT)Cargo Area (SF)DescriptionDeadweight (LTSW)Comments
Strong / Mariner605.585.02792,000Multi Deck RO/RO LO/LO7,470Bow/Side
Doors/Ramps, 45 ST Crane
Thunder / Lightning51164.52036,292Multi Deck RO/RO LO/LO7,164Bow Door
Delta Mariner312.5821217,520Covered, self-propelled barge4,620River and Ocean Rocket transportation

Offshore Service Vessels

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Vessel NameLOA (FT)Breadth (FT)Max Draft (FT)BHPVessel TypeCapacity Summary
Piper Inness1402912.55,600 Crew Boat Utility VesselPassengers 24. 200 ton deck cargo capacity (Limited to 2.5’ center of gravity). Cargo deck 90’X20’. Fuel 22,000 gal. Fresh water 32,000.
Green Provider1804012.03,000Offshore Supply VesselFuel 52,000 gals, Cargo Deck 107’X29’, Deck cargo 550 long tons, Drill water 2,700 bbls, Dry bulk 3,900 cu ft, liquid mud 2,280 bbls
Caribe Horizon64.818.391,170Crew Boat – Water TaxiPassengers 21. 5 ton deck cargo capacity (Limited to 2.5’ center of gravity). Cargo deck 30’X13’ Fuel 1,100 gal.
Ava Foss60.016.758.251,200Crew Boat – Water TaxiPassengers 36. Deck cargo capacity 2.5 tons. 50 HP bow thruster. Fuel 800 gal.
Lucy Foss65.024.0101,200Utility – Mooring Assist VesselEquipped with hydraulic spill boom reel and segregated line storage winches. 60 HP bow thruster. Fuel 5,500 gal.
Caribe Alliance63.321.07.41,170Utility – Mooring Assist Vessel40 HP bow thruster. Fuel 1,500 gal.