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Foss Maritime’s Full Service Shipyard Keep Our Customers Afloat.

The Foss Washington shipyard, located in Seattle, WA, is one of the most completely equipped yards on the Pacific coast – offering full-service vessel repair and maintenance, as well as new construction. Our team of experienced craftspeople provides cost-effective vessel repairs, major conversions, vessel construction, and routine maintenance to commercial and recreational vessels. We service tugs, barges, workboats, passenger and car ferries, fishing fleets, high-speed passenger vessels, fish processing vessels, government vessels
and yachts.

Foss Shipyard Capabilities

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Voyage Repairs
We work around the clock to get you back in the water as soon as possible. Your bottom line and your crew’s safety are always our first priority. If your vessel cannot make it to our shipyard, our mobile response repair team can come to you 24 hours a day, year round.
Dry Docks
The Foss dry docks are the most completely equipped of their size on Puget Sound. Our floating docks handle up to 2,000-tons, providing platforms for underbody maintenance, hull repairs, shaft repairs, and modifications.
Coating & Surface Preparation
Our knowledgeable craftspeople are experts at sandblasting and coating to standard requirements or to meet any special customer needs.
Machinery Repairs
Our ABS certified technicians are skilled in repairs on hydraulic, electrical, piping, deck machinery and installation, and work closely with the Coast Guard, DNV and other regulatory agencies.
Conversions and Outfitting
Our accomplished team of skilled craftspeople have years of experience working together on vessel and barge conversions and modifications. We pride ourselves on handling the most complicated and complex onboard installations with creativity and solid know-how.
Tail Shaft Repair & Fabrication
Our facility is one of the few ABS certified shaft repair and custom fabrication facilities on the U.S. West Coast. ABS certifications include ABS Gr2 carbon base metal, ABS Aquamet 18 & 19 and ABS Gr2 Stainless Steel Clad Welding. Two lathes accommodate shafting up to 52 feet in length, and repairs can be conducted seven days a week.
Laser/Optical Alignment
Excessive vibration represents wear and tear on rotating components. Our modern and adaptable laser equipment can compute alignment readings and recommend corrections without disconnecting any machinery or couplings to keep your equipment working optimally.
Other Capabilities
We offer new construction; exterior and interior painting; handle special hull issues; custom welding and steelwork; and bright work.
Emergency Repairs
The Foss mobile response repair team can be dispatched within 24 hours to any location in North America, including Alaska and Hawaii. For larger jobs we use 20’ containers with tools and equipment that can be shipped to the job site. Foss’ highly respected team of naval architects, marine engineers and shipyard staff is also available for marine engineering support in emergency response situations.

Our certified electricians have years of experience working on electrical systems within the marine environment. They can provide installation of new systems or provide repair services depending on customer needs.

Terminal Services

The Foss Terminal is located on 6 acres of multi-use property adjacent to the Seattle Shipyard. The terminal’s proximity offers convenient access to the highly regarded shop capabilities and expertise of the Seattle yard. The terminal has 600 lineal feet of bulkhead waterfront, is fully equipped for moorage and shore side services, and is the temporary home to a growing number of vessels undergoing essential scheduled maintenance and repairs.

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Water depths at the terminal bulkhead readily accommodate vessel drafts up to 16′ and length overall up to 300′. The Foss Terminal is a mainstay attraction along this tidal-free, fresh water Ship Canal.
Our full complement of terminal services are available hourly, daily and monthly at reasonable and competitive rates. We offer open and covered storage space that is conveniently situated for secure accessibility and 24 hr protection, fresh water moorage, an upland staging area and cargo handling services.
Available Equipment
Lift equipment includes a Manitowoc crawler crane, an assortment of forklifts and the Foss 300 floating derrick crane, which provides heavy lift capability to 75 short tons throughout the Puget Sound water regions.

The Foss Shipyard Advantage

When you decide to invest in your fleet, you can count on Foss’ proven track record to get the job done—and done right. The Foss shipyard’s dedicated team of experienced craftspeople collaborates with you on operational requirements, equipment and safety needs to meet your specifications.

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Customizable Teams
We assemble a team tailored to match the requirements of each job. Our naval architects, licensed marine engineers, CAD designers, shipwrights, riggers, machinists, welders, diesel experts, painters, pipefitters and craftspeople work together to take on the most complex and custom projects.
Project Management
Foss handles your project from start to finish. Offering a full array of services including project management and naval architecture, we can guide any new-build, conversion or repair project from concept to completion.
Commitment to Quality
We relentlessly pursue perfection for your fleet as well as ours. The Foss shipyards build, maintain and repair a variety of vessels for our marine operations as well as for many others; we understand the need for reliable and cost-effective shipyard services.
Commitment to Safety
Safety is the number one priority at Foss. Our shipyards comply with federal and state safety standards and stress safety through a behavioral safety program.
Commitment to the Environment
Foss’ commitment to safety and to safeguarding the environment is company-wide. We continually seek to find new ways to reduce emissions and waste. Foss built and operates the world’s first hybrid tugboat, that continues to meet and beat industry standards, and in 2011, we completed the conversion of a Dolphin class tug to a hybrid system.