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Foss provides a vital link within the oil and gas industry, both in shipping and upstream development (see Domestic Project Cargo Transportation). In addition to ship assist/escort services of the ships calling on the refinery and storage terminals of the US West Coast, Foss also transports bunkers, refined products and raw industry materials between supplier, seller and buyer.

Nowhere is Foss’ commitment to the environment and safe operations more evident than in our handling and transport of bunkers and petroleum.

With the largest fleet of double-hull petroleum barges on the West Coast, Foss’ has the capacity to handle up to 35,000 barrels. Our experienced and dedicated bunker/petroleum transportation and shore side personnel, management and crews are committed to meeting and exceeding regulatory mandates in all operating barges.

Examples of Ongoing Projects

  • Foss’ fleet of bunker barges at ports in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Long Beach, providing terminal-to-terminal transfers and delivery of bunkers directly to ships
  • Foss proactively placed vapor recovery systems on all operating barges in Los Angles and Long Beach, acting in advance of regulatory mandates